Mar Medica

Mar Medica Ltd was founded in 2007, by Marko Racković, Mr ph. and is located in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

Mar Medica Ltd is a company that specializes in selling, installing and servicing of medical equipment and disposable medical supplies for state health institutions, participation in public procurement procedures, as well as for private clinics and hospitals.

Mar Medica Ltd. currently covers the market of over 20 million people, including direct sales in Serbia and Slovenia, and distribution sales in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina , Montenegro and Macedonia. Strategic orientation of Mar Medica Ltd is focusing on surgery and anesthesia along with intensive care.

All medical equipment and disposable medical material Mar Medica Ltd has in its portfolio, it has a CE label, it is registered at the Agency for medicine and medical devices of Serbia and is in accordance with both, domestic as well as with the EU legislation.

Business Mar Medica Ltd is harmonized with ISO 9001: 2008 standards, as stated in TUV Austria certificate.

Company Policy

A company Mar Medica Ltd, Belgrade, coordinates the policy of integrated management system with the general business policy of the company, which is based on the establishment and the implementation of the market-oriented business, providing quality, timely and efficient services to customers and other stakeholders, with a view to the total satisfaction of their demands, needs and expectations, by continued development and by increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the operations.

The objectives of the policy of integrated management system in the company Mar Medica Ltd are:

  • customer’s satisfaction, their expressed and unexpressed needs and expectations with respect to legal and other requirements specifically related to environmental protection and health and safety at work

  • meeting the needs and expectations, as well as the establishment of the effective communication with all the stakeholders, and other relevant organizations, in order to exchange information relevant to environmental and health and safety at work better

  • improving the organization of work aimed at the rational use of resources

  • continuous improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of the implementation process of providing services, investing in human resources and equipment with the aim of the present maintenance of modern technological level

  • training, education and motivation of employees in all business areas, important for the society

  • preserving and enhancing the reputation of the company, through the strengthening of its market position

  • establishing and maintaining partnerships with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders

  • commitment to prevention and continuous reduction in the level of risk in terms of environmental protection and health and safety at work, the monitoring and analysis of the achieved effects

The management of the company Mar Medica Ltd has an obligation to this policy and objectives which derive from it, constantly reviewed and improved, for constant harmonization with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, with work processes, legal and other requirements.